Kalindi Kunis
Seattle, Washington
Faery Mum
Acrylic on panel, 30x30x2, 2018, $1800
This work finds faeries dancing through the foliage of the garden and lush green waves of nature's ripples and waves. My love of all things from Mother Nature and our beautiful Mother Earth...our true Motherland.
My 2D artwork is inspired by the inflorescence observed in Nature and the subsequent structural abstraction I see everywhere through its repetition and perfectly imperfect geometry. I have always been inspired by the success of Nature's power to push through our human world. Weeds of wonder, Dandelions, fennel, aloe, and the many other wonderful florae which triumph over humanity's attempts to crush it. The stars from whence we came, the natural world, the human microcosms which mimic the imperial rules and the 3D detritus of my own species all feed my creativity. Regardless I see the world filled with sparkle.
Kalindi was born to hippy parents of the sixties and was raised the tiny Northern California town of Bolinas, where she lived among horses and cows, artists and craftspeople, vivid colors and the nature of the wild and rugged seashore. From her earliest days, she always felt that she 'saw the world through magical lenses," alighting on a lone weed flower, or a field of them, or a shattered bottle on the ground. She is continually moved by these colors and scenes of her life.
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Kalindi Kunis

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