Tatiana Garmendia
Back Over Our Shoulders
oils on canvas, 24 x 36, 2018, $3200
I’m fascinated by the interconnection of all humans through Mitochondrial Eve and Y-Chromosomal Adam. By the fact that the biosphere really neither loses nor gains matter, it is always recycled. In our cells reside both stardust and the remnants of all life that preceded us. It connects me to everything.
Perhaps because I am a child of revolution and political asylum, my work is driven by existential questions. It wrestles with conflicting moral intuitions that bring archetypal material to light. My work explores identity as a varied and hybrid representation. Like the mutability of social structures in my lost and new homelands, my work embraces ambiguity and uncertainty. My practice reflects this variability through diverse visual strategies and interdisciplinarity. I paint, draw, photograph, work in film, sculpture and installation. My work straddles the intersection of the conceptual and confessional, confounding my own slippage between the intensely felt and rationally conceived.

Tatiana Garmendia was born in Havana, Cuba, after the Bay of Pigs, and remembers playing in abandoned missile trenches as a girl. A child of revolution and failed promises, she is moved by archetypal narratives embedded in cultural legacies and private fantasies. Her interdisciplinary work meditates on national and private histories, on mythologies– the stories we tell others and whisper to ourselves. Known for narratives that fall between fact and fable, the artist slips in and out of identities accounts. Her work has been shown throughout the US and abroad, garnered grants and fellowships. She is tenured faculty at SCC.
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