Zeynep Alev
Mercer Island, Washington
Pit of Regrets
Monoprint, 11x14, 2017
Topography of Love series has started to form couple years ago when I came upon a map to an imaginary land called Tendre representing the path towards love in 17th century. This is a game of words in an allegorical geography, a map to my emotions, ideas, memories and life.
I am inspired by my kids, my ever so long memorable dreams. My journey to my inner self is all about understanding human nature.I try to explore human behavior using familiar objects and concepts, often using poetry and literature as inspiration. I find myself tackling my questions, my curiosity with my art. The ideas, that I have most difficulty to understand become my fuel, my inspiration for creating art. I go back and forth among different mediums and techniques to achieve my goal.
Vast world of printmaking allows me to explore my ideas from many directions.
I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey. I studied architecture at Istanbul Technical University and finished my master’s degree in architecture at University of Arizona, Tucson AZ. After practicing for couple years in Atlanta and Seattle, I found myself busy with kids at home. Since then I satisfy my itch for creation and design by working on small scale projects and making art in my little home studio.
I am a member of (MIVAL) Mercer Island Visual Arts League since 2010. I show my work at MIVAL Gallery all year around, and in Studio 103 in Seattle since 2013.
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Zeynep Alev

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