Judy Laub
Bellingham, Washington
Leaves with Ivory
Copper, ivory & clay, 5.25 x 3.50 x 3.50, 2020, $840
This is a collaboration with Whatcom ceramic artist, Shelly Stark. The copper lid is hand formed and fabricated through the process of chasing & repousse. No form was used in the creation of the lid. The ivory cabochon was hand cut & polished by me.
“Moving metal” is a uniquely satisfying technique that provides a forum for expressing my ideas and observations of the natural world in a finite way. In chasing and repousse the focus is creating forms that intrigue, whether they are architectural in nature or natural. Every form requires a different set of chasing tools and attention to perspective within the form and perspective from the vantage point of the viewer. People ask me over and over if there is a mold that I use to create these forms. I show them my pitch container, my hammers, my chasing tools!
I have been showing and teaching chasing and repousse since 2016. I am self-taught in this. My background is fabrication/jewelry making. Recently I have begun collaborating with local regional artists in combining other mediums with the repousse. Chasing & repousse is an ancient metalworking process that's been used for thousands of years to "move metal". I am a member of Northwest Designer Craftsmen, a group primarily for the purpose of "Promoting excellence in design and craftsmanship, stimulating interest and appreciation for fine craft."
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Judy Laub


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