Nina Alderete
Story Series #24
Collage, paint, fabric, tracing paper, beads, thread, wax., 8”x6”x.75”, 2022, $200
Images and text are on all layers. The piece is sewn, beaded and waxed. The finished work is adhered to a wooden canvas. The edges of the painting are a little uneven, transparent and slightly extend over the canvas.
The allure between highly personal, unknowable, and disquiet resonates within my work. The process in which I make art allows me to express internal dialogs between how thoughts and the body interact and respond to the environment. These narratives are built with layers through materials and symbolism. Layers are a play between a dreamlike beauty and a veiled relationship to my memory and emotions. I work intuitively. Strange beauty and concealed discomfort, grime, obsessive thoughts, anxiety are reoccurring themes.

Nina Alderete lives in Burien, Washington. She holds a B.A. from University of California Santa Cruz, an M.F.A. in Painting from Central Washington University, and an M.S. from University of the Pacific. Alderete makes small-scale mixed media collage art in her basement studio that addresses layers, depth, stylized composition and an internal personal logic.
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Nina Alderete

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