Center on Contemporary Art presents.....


A Regional Showcase of Performance, Sculpture and Dangerous Devices Made From Fire.

Center on Contemporary Art is all fired up to present BURNINGPOINT, an outdoor evening event featuring performance, sculpture and dangerous devices by artists who play with fire. Seventeen performers will ignite the evening with an array of work ranging from variations on traditional sideshow performance to highly original movement performance, kinetic sculpture and worn fire. Fire is the new entertainment miracle -- absolutely real and alive. It can’t be described, it has got to be seen. BURNINGPOINT is the Northwest's first all fire performance showcase.

The event will be open only to advance ticket holders and take place at a covert location. CoCA is concealing the location for safety and security reasons due to the dangerous nature of the event. For the protection of the audience fire monitors will be on duty with professional safety equipment.


Wise Fool (San Francisco)
Steve Rife (Toronto)
Magenta (San Francisco)
Pyrodesiacs (Vancouver, Canada)
Fire Drake (Seattle)
Peter Toms (Seattle)
Kitty Center (Seattle)
Toby (Seattle)

Sound by Doug Haire (Seattle)
Artistic Director: Astrid Larsen

ONE NIGHT ONLY : Saturday July 19

Time: 8:30 P.M.
Audience size Limited
Tickets in Advance Only: $13 General, $11 CoCA Members
Beginning July 5, Tickets available at all Rudy's Barber Shops (Capitol Hill, Fremont, University and Phinney Ridge) and at CoCA
Call CoCA (206)728-1980 for ticket information

Secret Outdoor Location will be revealed to ticket holders only Audience members must be at least 14 years of age to attend festival seating, bring your own chair.


Mysterious and beautiful, Bay Area artist Magenta dances with a huge lit candelabra balanced on her head.

Movers and shakers from Vancouver, British Columbia, these women have perfected synchronized ritualistic movement with fire.

Free speech, direct action and artful demonstration drive the San Francisco art collective known as Wise Fool. After their recent guerrilla fire circus in the Bay area, they are preparing to come to Seattle and perform as Fire Beasts at BURNINGPOINT.

A founding member of the Fremont Arts Council and self avowed science geek, Peter puts his artistic fervor into celebration art. He will be creating a fire organ for BURNINGPOINT, collaborating with longtime glass artist Rodman Miller.

Fire Drake is a small band of fire artists working on group projects, public art and assisting each other on individual projects. Members of Fire Drake include:

Chuck Nafziger and Susan Dyer who will be igniting Pyrogalactica, a kinetic fire sculpture.

Daniel Walsh, a prop and theater effects worker in daily life, at BURNINGPOINT Daniel will combine fire and ice.

David Hartz will set flame to a burning symbol. Which symbol? Well, that remains to be seen.

Maque Davis, President of the Fremont Arts Council and safety expert for The City of Seattle by day, Maque revives “Who Knows” the flaming face he created for UMO.

Astrid Larsen,Artistic Director of BURNINGPOINT and Fire Drake member, will perform with hand carried and on-the-body flaming structures.

Last time Steve visited Seattle from Toronto (fall, 1996), he caused quite an underground stir with a guerrilla performance in a private gallery. Now he enters into the arena of legal performance with a pyro piece that involves taking advantage of the combustible properties of common household materials.

A local fire eater (although she would eat foreign fire under duress), Kitty is a featured nightclub performer. BURNINGPOINT will provide her with an expanded audience and greater artistic freedom.

A sensational fire twirler, Toby has transfixed audiences with her unusual techniques.

SOUND will be performed and created for BURNINGPOINT by Doug Haire a local ambient music composer. The piece he has produced for BURNINGPOINT will set the tone for the event through archetypal evocation of summer and smoke.

BURNINGPOINT has been made possible with support from Corporate Council for the Arts, Washington State Arts Commission, King County Arts Commission and Marine Fire Equipment. CoCA gives additional thanks to Seattle Fire Department, Layne Cubell, Seattle Office of Management and Planning, Mark Rifkin, Maque Davis, Dan Smith, Sean Bolan, NBBJ and all our volunteers and advisors.

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